“The digital age will favor women”

I studied Industrial Engineering, to work in various industries. over time I allow myself to start and manage my own company. historically the beloved “hard sciences were considered male majors, and I had to overcome situations associated with stereotypes and low participation of women in class. Happily these situations are gradually overcome.

On the other side. Policies that promote the reconciliation of work and raising children, contribute to the participation of women at all levels of decision-making and management, and they seem to be doing well all over the world.

I believe that women can gain great advantages from the digital age.. The digitization of the world of work offers new professional opportunities. The digital age allows freedom, mobility and flexibility, factors that, well spent, represent a great qualitative leap.

The proportion of women in management positions in the private sector is still much lower than that of men. Although today women are just as likely to graduate from college and are just as qualified as men, they are not frequently found in senior management positions.

DINKA was born from a personal desire to work differently, but also to be able to contribute so that more people enjoy their jobs, projects and companies.


Por Sandra Felsenstein, Director and founder of DINKA for Economic Press – Women Leaders 11th Edition.