are opinions, value judgments. We use them a lot: we look at a type of behavior and assign an adjective to this situation, judging the person who is doing it. But a fact does not define a person, that's why labels don't define who we are. Even so, they are very powerful and can limit us, being a great obstacle in the life of each one
To start you have to recognize your labels.

Decireste soy yoes un primer big step. The second step is to accept you, poder decireste soy yo y me acepto”. It is not a simple task, but if you don't, how do you expect others to do it? Eye, Accepting yourself doesn't mean you can't change.: is not an excuse to justify your actions. But, from self-knowledge and acceptance, you will be able to understand where you come from, what do you want, where are you going, Why do you do what you do. And so you can start working on yourself and your reality to be able to change or adjust what you feel you need.. let's start!

First step: The plane
After acknowledging your tags, We suggest that you divide them between those you want to leave behind and those you want to keep. We invite you to remove those limiting beliefs.
Identify those labels that you feel do not lead you to where you want to go.
Write them down on a piece of paper and turn it into a little plane.
I repeated this phrase when I dropped each label: “Confío en mi intuición, thanks for everything i learned, without fear, estoy lista para soltar y fluir hacia nuevos proyectos”.

Paso 2: Toolbox
Now visualize those attitudes and behaviors that you would like to acquire or that you already have and would like to reinforce, to lead you to who you choose to be.
Write down in your toolbox each of these desires or attitudes and talents that you want to keep to meet your goals.
Visualize how you would treasure and use each of these tools, building what you want to achieve.

I repeated this phrase when adding each of your tools to the box: Confío en que hay nuevos aires por venir y abro un espacio dentro de mí para darle la bienvenida.
It is important to work on your self-knowledge as a permanent attitude. Your reality is constantly changing and from each experience you can learn something new. Life gives you every day a new opportunity to transform what does not give you value and that limits you; it's up to you to take advantage of it.

Por Sandra Felsenstein, director and founder of the consulting firm for SMEs DINKA.