Do you feel that you would need the day to have more hours?? Do you think that in this way time would catch up with you?? Everybody lives running, without knowing many times behind what. The truth is that time is the only thing we can't get back, It is the most precious thing we have and that is why we have to take care of it and give it its value.. What we can try is to optimize it, be more productive so that it performs better and not feel like we are running without a clear goal. But what price are we willing to pay to achieve that long-awaited performance?? High productivity is often associated with stress, but, actually, we propose the opposite: Organize yourself better to lower your stress level! And this applies both to the workplace and to the personal..

“By becoming aware and learning to manage your time better, you will get closer to your goals much faster and abandon the habit of procrastinating”.


Do you have an endless list of things you "have to do"? I made a stop. I learned to prioritize. We live under stress and with the illusion that one day we will have free time to dedicate ourselves to that hobby that we love or that project that we yearn for so much.. So we suggest that you separate the professional issues from the personal ones and assign them the category of urgent, important and unimportant to make room for all your projects. On the other hand... how difficult it is sometimes to say no! But it is important to learn to keep an agenda aligned with one's own desires, and not to strangers. So, to be able to prioritize, it is key that you put your tasks above those that others ask of you.


It is impossible for your brain to store everything you have to do. Eliminate that overload of unnecessary information and opt for the paper agenda, the cell phone or any alternative that you find.

  • write down absolutely everything, be it personal or work, important or secondary, to create the habit
  • I distinguished what is personal from what is work, for example, with a different color
  • Check your agenda every morning and check if you need to add something or simply clearly see what is scheduled
  • Always carry your agenda with you and do not accept any meeting or commitment without consulting it
  • At the time of scheduling, try to be aware of what you are going to be able to do. Don't overload your schedule
  • and remember: what is not scheduled, not done, does not exist!

According to several scientific studies, Most of us are more productive in the early hours of the day.. These are the ideal hours to carry out activities that involve creativity. However, it is common for us to procrastinate during the day the tasks that are most complicated for us. Have the habit of starting the day doing what involves the most effort first thing in the morning. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are known to wake up very early!! And they will know about this, ¿no?


All those activities we do in our free time, generally recreational and that have nothing to do with our work, they are more valuable than you think. Many companies have incorporated the theme of leisure in the workplace to boost the performance of their employees, no matter the size of the business, feeling happy in their jobs, increase your productivity. If you are an entrepreneur or work from home: It is essential that you establish your own hours and cuts to achieve by your own means that much-needed balance!!


Consists in dedicate a time of absolute concentration to a task (usually, from 25 minutes), without any interruption. After each pomodoro block, there is a short pause period (is usually from 5 minutes). A pomodoro cannot be paused or split; if it is not possible to postpone the interruption, the pomodoro is canceled and then restarted. For this, it is necessary to eliminate any type of distraction agents such as the cell phone or the consultation of social networks while we carry out the task..


We are used to doing several things at once.: job, housework, tasks related to child care, organization, decision making, enough! This is proven to increase stress and anxiety, with the consequent physical and mental exhaustion. Additionally, lowers the efficiency of the tasks that we develop simultaneously. Therefore, try to “attack” the topics one at a time. The issue of prioritizing takes center stage again and you have to be able to discern between what is urgent and what is not so important. And if you work at home, working hours are that and nothing more! Neither the washing machine nor a pudding for the oven are part of the process. Definitely, becoming aware and learning to better manage your time, making use of available management techniques, you will get closer to your goals much faster and abandon the habit of procrastinating: What are you going to change in your routine starting tomorrow to get more out of your time??

METODO GTD (getting things done)

David Allen created this method that proposes a serene state of mind, like that of a calm lake, to focus on the present and be more efficient in what you do. To make your mind as calm as water, the GTD method proposes to externalize your mind in a trusted system to keep your head empty.

Por Sandra Felsenstein

Industrial engineering

Directora y fundadora de DINKA