img-artisansSilvia Roldon, from the Urden Urben workshop, performs his works on loom on natural silk. The design concern is accompanied by ecology. Argentina recorded exports per USD 46.569 million in the 2006. Much of it is raw material.

INTERMEDIATION – Dinka is a company that brings together 30 designers and artisans to place their products in Europe and the US. Now come to Asia.

Santiago Star, correspondent in Buenos Aires LEADERS

a little over a year ago, Sandra Felsenstein discovered that there was an unexploited niche in Argentina: the export of exclusive designs by artisans who work in small workshops of two or three people maximum.
According to the Argentine Institute of Statistics and Census, last year they entered USD 46.569 millions (6000 million more than in 2005) by exports.
The number comes, fundamentally, of raw material, agricultural manufacturing, livestock and industry; small and medium enterprises are gaining ground.
the little artisans, many of them emerged after the crisis of the 2001, were pushed into personal endeavors. They were motivated by the fact that, every time, they saw further this “miracle of the Argentine economy.”
Felsenstein, an industrial engineer from 27 years and who had always worked in large corporations, created the Dinka firm.
This is a company that now brings together 30 designers and artisans to market their products abroad. In return, receive a percentage of sales (amounts were not specified).
“I thought of this venture because people who sell abroad tend to focus on other types of products., made on a larger scale. for this vision, that sector is neglected” says Felsenstein.
The artisans thought it was an extremely interesting idea. According to Silvia Roldan, of the loom workshop on natural silk, Urden Urben, "we craftsmen don't even have time to think about exporting". And he adds that they also have no idea what the legal terms that must be complied with are like.. That's why he considers it "a great help".
“The problem is that creative people, who design and develop their products, does not usually like the commercial part or administrative tasks. They do not like to quote or negotiate. A) Yes, If someone who is dedicated to operational tasks, designers can focus on designing their products.
“Dinka turned out to be our window to the world”, Loneliness account, dinka jewelry. Does not have its own premises. It doesn't work with cards either.. your jewelry, foreign to any classical concept, delivered on consignment to commercial premises of exclusive lines in Buenos Aires.
For this reason, expansion in Europe and the US. is a key aspect. As Roldan says, “these are countries where there is a concern for exclusivity and a taste for the exotic. Additionally, in these markets respect for health is valued, the ecosystem, unlike the nations of Latin America.”
through Dinka, these artisans begin to promote their products in Chile, Peru, E.E.U.U., Spain and Italy. In Ecuador, there was an approach after Peru Fashion Night. In this days, Felsenstein has his eyes on the United Arab Emirates.