INFOBAE PROFESIONAL on-line has published an article where Dinka project is described.

It's a company, result of the union of artists in jewelry and clothing, especially in the international market, that highlights the seal of origin.

At a time when Argentina is experiencing a design boom, Dinka was formed. It is a young company that emerged with the aim of bringing the designs of Argentine manufacturers to strategic points in the national and international market., taking special care of the image of the products, and highlighting its place of origin.

United vanguard
Work with a group of avant-garde Contemporary Jewelry designers, Accessories and Clothing with regard to their marketing and promotion in strategic local and foreign points. In addition, carries out different press actions to publicize the products and their designers. It currently has the commercial representation of more than 50 designers, many of these can be found in cities of major countries like Peru, Mexico, Spain, England, Chile, Australia and the USA among others.

In the other side
For international buyers, it means facilitating the process of searching and selecting items related to design.. Thus Dinka becomes a gateway to exclusive designs.

The key is that they imposed a heterogeneous portfolio of products from different high-quality designers.. Although they also carry out specific searches according to what the client requests..

Among the objectives is considered the resolution of administrative and commercial instances to achieve the export of Argentine merchandise.. At the same time, They monitor the operation throughout the journey.

Working together allows you to take advantage of economies of scale.