“Professional assistance to small businesses is an integral practice suitable and indispensable in times of turbulence”.

Por Ingeniera Sandra Felsenstein

It is a common situation that many companies, no matter what size they are, focus on content-related issues, more than in continent problems; that is to say that this deviation from the critical gaze, sometimes it leads down a path that is not the right one.

For this reason, there are companies that are dedicated to helping small businesses to move towards clear objectives and successful resolution..

Observation and analysis of the small business market makes it possible to detect recurring difficulties and confirm that some of the major drawbacks that are repeated in these companies, are related to managerial functions, acting without adequate planning and, thus, of clear objectives.

This situation is reflected in the day-to-day tasks, that do not allow the entrepreneur to see the "complete picture" of his company and market, which generates a biased view of the real situation, for being dedicated to micromanaging, paying attention to details.

This business reality of the smallest has made it grow and is a sufficiently valid model, a large number of companies and professionals, that offer these growing organizations, professional solutions , that in a personalized way and working side by side with its SME managers, help them cope with problems typical of the SME reality.

The natural process of professional assistance for these companies, It consists of analyzing each case individually and drawing up an action plan together with the management teams of the assisted companies., to solve needs in view of the fulfillment of objectives that have been established.

It is a detailed process of comprehensive diagnosis, which is essential to start any transformation attempt, since directly modifying the processes that can be improved without the proper diagnosis and work plan, can have the opposite effect to that desired.

Subsequently and with a relatively clear picture, It begins with the implementation of information parameterization systems, adequate management and control boards and redefinition of actions and tasks that contribute to the improvement of outstanding problems.

Sometimes, the people involved in defining and implementing changes, they may not want to change their habits, for feeling that your safety is in danger or experiencing fear of the unknown, In one word. Usually, This type of resistance can be quickly reversed by noticing the positive effects of the first changes and benefits that are manifesting and freeing opposition along the way..

And Dinka, our experience shows us that several times companies make inquiries about specific issues that they detect as problems. At the beginning of the diagnostic stage, it is visualized that the inconveniences raised by the client are just "the tip of the iceberg" or a consequence of other problematic situations. An example could be poor processes in the warehouse area, generated by bad sales policies (lack of minimum orders, committed delivery times, and more). Another fairly typical example of a query refers to the poor results of the company. Here the suspicion is usually the need to increase sales, but actually, In many cases, low profitability is a consequence of the focus of the business and not of the volume of sales..

When analyzing a project, The most important thing is not necessarily that the product or service offered is absolutely original or innovative.. It may already exist on the market, but the important thing is the added value that is given to the proposal, raising questions: how do you differ from competitors? how to be better than them?

It is very important to carry out the necessary steps and apply effective tools that contribute to obtaining a concrete picture of how the business is working..

On the other hand, it is essential that the activity of the company, as organizational unit, be fully monitored, to be able to adjust those parts of the gear that could affect the good general functioning of said unit.


Dinka is a team of professionals that works side by side with SMEs, advising them and helping them in the effective implementation of their projects, generation of new businesses, optimization of existing resources and expansion of the marketing of your products or services.